A selection of my non-commercial photography. All rights reserved.


Photograph of a lowered cat


Photograph of a lowered dog


Photograph of a string of electric light bulbs taken inside Chorlton’s Electrik Bar

Some Geese

Photograph of some geese

Laura Norrey

A photograph of Laura Norrey


Photograph of a goat

Type II

Photograph of a lowered Volkswagen Type II taken at Camper Jam in 2015


photograph of pedestrians and a black cab taken in Manchester, with monotone processing

Another Cat

cat photograph with shallow depth of field and monotone processing

Media City 1

A photograph of Media City in Salford Quays taken at Night


A photograph of a lego character with a missing head


A composite showing several photographs of a building


A photograph of a seagull landing on water

Media City 2

A photograph of Salford Quays at dusk

Human Shadow

A photograph of a human shadow


A photograph of a bird sculpture

All the Lights

A photograph from the Salford Quays' NVA Festival of Light

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